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How much can I expect to pay for a DJ?

It is difficult to find a DJ that will charge you less than $500. They usually have very low quality equipment, a small selection of music, and no training. You can expect to pay $1000 for the high quality DJs with a good reputation. There are a few services in NC charge well over $2000 a night. These services offer a greater level of specialization. DJ prices also fluctuate with seasonal demand. Many DJs will offer discounts at the bargaining table.

How much do you charge?

Our pricing schedule is very simple. We charge $100 for each hour. We charge extra for long travel, party favors, and extra equipment. You will find these prices to be a normal price for a good DJ in this area. We also offer substantial discounts for schools and charities.

Does you price include everything that you offer as a DJ?

Our base price includes our music library, ceremony music equipment, reception music equipment, wedding and reception planning forms, information/planning sessions, travel not exceeding an hour, announcer service, disc jockey service and master of ceremonies service.

Do you have any hidden charges?

We will charge extra for travel exceeding an hour, party favors and extra equipment. If something does not fall in those categories then it is included in our base price.

Do you charge extra for lighting?

We do charge for lighting.

Do you require a deposit?

In order to reserve the date of your event, we ask for a $100 deposit. This deposit acts as a retainer for our services. It is non-refundable

Can I pay you the day of the event?

We require full payment at least a week before your event unless you will be paying with a purchase order.

What are my payment options?

We have a Pay Pal account and can bill you via the internet. Through Pay Pal, we accept all major credit cards. We also accept cash or checks.

Does the price include music during the cocktail hour and/or during dinner?

The time you want us to be set up to play and the time you will allow us to start packing up our equipment determines our price. Sometimes this will include a cocktail hour, but that is up to you.

Can I choose from a song list?

We welcome your suggestions for songs.

Can I choose a ''no play'' song list?

It is typically better to describe a type of music that you do not want played, but you are welcome to have a no-play list.

Does the DJ have a wide variety of song selections?

Our library includes Latin, Italian, Rock, Blues, Swing, Hip Hop, Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Ballroom and lots others. We are continually expanding our DJ music library.

Can the DJ play songs to suite the tastes of ALL my guests?

If your guests like music, we are sure that we have music that they will enjoy.

How do you stay current with your DJ music library?

We subscribe to Top Hits USA. It provides us with the latest hits on the radio through several genres.

Do you take and play requests?

We are an approachable, friendly DJ service that takes and plays requests. Requests are a great way to feel out the type of guests that are at an event. Good requests simply allow us to do a better job.

Can I see a list of your songs?

Our DJ music library contains thousands of songs. It will be much easier if you just tell us what songs you want played. If examining our song list will make you feel more comfortable, we will show you our electronic database of music or a songbook.

Do you have Spanish/Italian/Ballroom/Jewish/etc music?

First Call DJ Music Library has many different types of music. We are continually adding both current hits and client requests to our selection.

How many songs do you have?

Our DJ music library includes several thousand songs and we purchase new CDs each month to keep our DJ music library up to date.

Are you going to pressure me to decide if I will hire you right away?

We want you to be confident that you are hiring a great DJ at a good price. We will present Ivy Entertainment to you in a way that allows you to make a decision that you can stand on. Once we receive your deposit, we will begin referring other potential clients that are interested in the date of your event to other quality professional DJs.

Are you insured?

First Call DJ service has a $1,000,000 liability insurance plan from Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. We can provide documentation of our insurance policy when we meet in person.

How do you dress for an event?

We dress appropriate to the event. You may request that we wear particular themes of clothing like Hawaiian or Sixties. For your corporate event, we will probably wear a business suit. For your wedding, we will typically wear a tuxedo.

Do you have references for your DJ services?

Upon request, we will to provide you with references at our first face-to-face meeting. These may include reference letters and persons to contact for a verbal reference.

Does First Call belong to any disc jockey associations?

We are a member of the NC Chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association. It is a national organization providing mobile entertainers with training and networking opportunities.

Do you sell events to other DJs?

No, we always provide our DJ services at the events that we book, and we are happy to recommend other quality DJ service providers if our services are not available on the date of your event.

Do you bring a complete backup DJ system with you to each event?


Do you have professional DJ Equipment?

Yes, All of our equiptment is name brand, top quality, pro audio components. Consisting of Peavey, Crown, Yamaha, and dbs components. Our system can provide up to 7000watts of power which is higher standard than most night clubs!

What does the appearance of your equipment set-up like?

Our amplifier is mounted in a Roto Roller. Our CD player, mixer and processor are mounted in a Mini Gig Rig. The Mini Gig Rig is mounted on top of the Roto Roller. Attached to each side of the Mini Gig Rig is a Gig Wing. These work as table space. We also have a songbook or a laptop computer sitting on one of the Gig Wings. All of this sits behind a Grundorf Facade.

Will you have a sign or banner on your DJ table?

We do not bring signs to events or announce our DJ service. We find that even high quality signs and banners draw attention away from the event. In addition, we will not do lay business cards on your table. Guests who are interested in our services are welcome to approach us personally and we will happily give them a card at their request.

Do you need a table and/or table cloth?

We realize that you have enough to worry about without the added stress of helping us by providing a table. We will no longer require that our clients arrange for us to have a separate table for us to use. We have purchased equipment that will allow us to perform our services without needing a table provided. However, if space readily allows, we can use a 6ft table.

Why would I want lights?

It is no coincidence that every club and most dancing bars have lights pointed toward the dance floor. Not only does it make the atmosphere more appealing, but it makes people look and feel better when dancing. We have seen children run around for hours trying to step on our light show as they move to the tempo of the music.

Do you have a service guarantee?

We guarantee to deliver an excellent level of service based on what you want for your event.

Can I meet with you before my event?

We prefer to meet with you before your event. Communication is mostly nonverbal. A face-to-face meeting allows us to get a dynamic feel for the particular experience that you want for your event. Everything works out better that way.

Do you have a promotional video?


Do you perform at any nightclubs or on any radio stations?

We do not perform our services for nightclubs or radio stations. That is a different section of the entertainment industry and it requires a different set of skills.

How long have you been a Disc Jockey?

First Call has been in business since 2003 and serviced more than 2500 clients

Will you make announcements at my event?

We will make only the announcements that you request. We recognize that a truly great DJ is knows to minimize the amount of time they spend speaking through microphone. It allows the guests to focus on each other and your party.

Will you be on time?

We will typically arrive an hour early. This gives us time to set up all of our equipment, check the sound, review the notes that we have taken for your event, practice the announcements, and change into suitable DJ attire before your guests arrive.

How early will you be Set-Up?

We will arrive about an hour before the event and complete our equipment set up at least15 minutes before the event begins. There are some cases when people prefer we set-up in the middle of dinner so that they can save money on the amount of time that they pay for our services. We have found that setting up our equipment in the middle of dinner lacks professionalism and is disturbing to your guests. We recommend hiring us from the time that your guests walk in the room until you expect your guests to leave.

Will you go over what we need to do at my event?

We will assist you in planning your event as much or as little as you like. As a DJ service, we have been exposed to many different ideas, read books, and attended training seminars all to help make your event what you imagine it to be.

Are we guaranteed the DJ of our choice the day of the event?

Absolutely, one of the great things about contracting a single-operation DJ service is that we will never stick you with a low-quality employee.

What is your policy on food and alcohol?

We do not drink alcohol while we work, but we do appreciate your invitation to eat with you and your guests. Some venues strictly forbid any vendors for eating in the same room as their clients, and in these instances, we will politely decline your invitation to eat. Still, one of the great benefits of the DJ service industry is taking extra food home with us. Still, the biggest complement you can give any DJ service provider is a generous tip, a public reference letter, and to volunteer as an active reference for future clients to call.

Who is Day-Of-Event Management?

If you want a great party, then you should get a DJ who will also act as the Master of Ceremonies (MC). MCs keep track of the schedule, make announcements, and keep an eye on the honored guests so that everyone is able to have a great time.

Are you a full-time DJ?

Although we are a profession DJ service, we are not a full-time DJ service.

What do you do to get people dancing?

There are a lot of things that we can do to get people dance. With a dancing crowd, we can just play good music. With more shy groups, we can lead line dances, a barn dance, and play games to get people relaxed enough to get out on the dance floor. Of course, one huge thing is to simply dim the lights.

Are you going to talk a lot?

We will only say the things that you want us to over the microphone. If we need to say anything else, we will not be saying it using the microphone.

How can I find other DJs?

The best way to find a DJ is at an event like the one you are having. In other words, if your have been to a great wedding then ask that couple about their DJ. If they are booked, then they will usually be able to recommend several other talented DJs. The second best way is through professional organizations like the one that we belong to ( Lastly, use a search engine and look one up, but make sure that you meet them before you hire them.

What does a DJ do?

DJs technically just need to play music. A DJ will also act as the announcer and Master of Ceremonies at most events. That means that they need the ability to use a microphone to influence a crowd, and set the pace of your event so that everyone is able to have a good time.

Do you know the proper etiquette for your type of party?

There are certain regional traditions that we are not acquainted with if you are from a different country.

How do you describe your style?

We are attentive to the wants of the clients and the guests and we do what we can to make sure everyone has a good time.

Explain how you will handle the introductions, first dance, cake cutting, garter, bouquet and special dances.

That depends on what you want. We always make sure that key people are in the room. Usually, we will just say something like, ''Ladies and gentlemen, Charlie and Laura's first dance as husband and wife.'' We match the rhythm and tone of our voice to complement the mood and music.

Can we see you in action?

We are happy to provide you with references, but we must also be respectful our clients' privacy. You are welcome to attend any public events that we are servicing. However, we do not invite potential clients to watch us at private events. They are private.

Do you provide a contract? contract here

As part of our insurance, every event that we perform at must have a written contract. The contract simply states the day, time and location of the event along with the charges and standard responsibilities that we both have. Standard responsibilities include providing our service with flat, clean, shaded space to set up our equipment and a power source, and our service showing up on time and doing the things that we have agreed to during our face-to-face meetings.

Do you have a reception planning form?

We have an extensive reception questionnaire that allows us to develop a program/timetable for your reception based on your answers.

Are you licensed?

North Carolina does not have a licensing agency that applies to DJs.

How many breaks will you take during the reception?

We do not plan to take breaks during your event.

Will there be music played during these breaks?

If we took a break, we would continue to have music playing.

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